Posted on November-6-2011

7,000,000,000th BABY!

Happy Birthday to you, 7th billion baby! Its official: as of last week the population of the world has passed the 7 billion mark. Scientists have found out that the baby was born in the Capital state of Philippines. You say, how do they know? These scientists - who are called demographers – look at all the records from all the hospitals in all countries in the world. (And apparently they have a lot of time, too!) The demographers at the British children’s welfare charity PLAN said earlier that they actually knew where the 7th billion baby would be born: in Manila. These demographers must to be quite fast at counting: statistics show that in countries like India 50 BABIES are born EVERY MINUTE!

[By the way, demographer is a real cool word: it means exactly what it says on the tin: public writer. ‘Demos’ is ancient Greek for public or people, and the Greek verb ‘graphein’ means writing or drawing. There, you learned something new today - now go impress your teacher!]

Imagine that only 40 years ago the world’s population was less than 4 billion. Today, it’s 7 billion. Demographers have calculated that in another 40 years the population will pass the 9 billion mark!
Now here’s the glitch. You might ask if a growing world population is actually good thing? There are only limited resources on Earth. Every baby that is being born needs food and a place to live. And a few years later they will need schools and later still, they need jobs and houses for their own families and petrol for their cars and… you get the picture: our planet is quickly filling up!


But until then there are lot of birthdays to be celebrated - we at sQuibblers think we might start a CANDLE MAKING BUSINESS!


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